This tutorial is just for the educational purposes.

Today we are going to do a simply python bot tutorial that can help one increase YouTube views. The bot will be coded using just few lines of Python code. Within just a few lines of code one ca easily get at least one Million views in under 24 hours for one video upload.

You can also watch a quick YouTube tutorial on how to do that here.

First you will need to install python version 3 and above and selenium. You can add the required software in the requirements.txt file.

Next, you open an editor, be it Visual Studio Code, PyCharm, Sublime, Atom etc… whichever you like using to code with 🙂

Then write the following code:

from selenium import webdriver
import time
number_of_drivers = int(input("Enter the number of drivers : " ))
time_to_refresh = int(input("Enter refresh rate time in seconds : " ))
url = input("Enter URL : " )
drivers =[]
for i in range(number_of_drivers):
    drivers.append(webdriver.Chrome(executable_path = "chromedriver"))
while True:
    for i in range(number_of_drivers):

You can also watch the video below for more guidance.

Also, you can download or Git clone the code from the GitHub account here.

That’s all for today! As simple as that. Do let me know in the comments here or YouTube regarding your thoughts or if you have any question.

Till then, Happy coding :))

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