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Being a girl in this time and era is the most amazing thing, not only does one get to choose a career of her choice but also have unlimited access to vast opportunities to choose from. This one being the most amazing one and what I am still passionate about: the aviation industry, is what I want to share and let the young generation of girls be informed.

The network of Girls in Aviation is a global program/network of women in Aviation industry with a mission to encourage and mentor girls to join the aviation industry. The network is part of Women in Aviation International network; a non-profit organization that is dedicated to advancing aviation career fields and interests in women and girls.

Having gotten the opportunity to attend the Girls Soar event 2019 that was held in DFW, USA at the C.R. Smith Museum, my goal was to learn about the opportunity and how to enhance and facilitate the opportunity outreach so that it can reach and further benefit every girls across the globe.

image by DFW Comms Girls Soar 2018-19

Therefore, if you are a girl still in elementary level, high school, college, or university with a passion and interest in aviation, then this opportunity will be of great benefit to you. Join the network/chapter or reach out to us for more guidance.

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