Top Aeronautics Opportunities from NASA.

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NASA provides global opportunities and resources to both students and educators.

  1. Where in the Air Activity where students get to learn about the layers of the atmosphere.

2. Mars Perseverance Parachute Coding Activity – Students learn how JPL engineers used binary code to include a hidden message in the parachute used to help the Mars rover, Perseverance, land successfully on Mars. You will also have the opportunity to create your own hidden message.

3. 3D Spin on Mars and Track NASA’s Perseverance Rover – Two interactive web experiences to explore the Martian surface, as seen by cameras aboard the rover and orbiters flying overhead. It lets you check out Jezero Crater – the landing site and exploration locale for NASA’s Perseverance rover – without leaving our planet. One new experience, called “Explore with Perseverance,” allows you to follow along with the rover as though you were standing on the surface of Mars. Another interactive – “Where Is Perseverance?” – shows the current location of the rover and Ingenuity Mars Helicopter as they explore the Red Planet. 

4. . NASA’s Advanced Air Mobility Safety Poster Contest – Contest is open to all children grades 6 – 12 who are attending public, private, parochial and home schools in the United States of America and children grades 6 -12 of U.S. military members stationed overseas. Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) is working to develop a new transportation system in the sky and safety is paramount for this new air transportation system.

5. The STEM Aeronautics Resources additional information in math, engineering, and science can be found here.

6. STEM Activity to Design Your Own X-Plane – learn what an X-plane is and how NASA uses X-planes for research and then design your own X-plane!

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