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Check here for the video tutorial on how to automate web browser opening an visiting using python script. The python script enables the user to open any web browser without having to type in the website address.

Furthermore, one can use the Python script to view any social media post, story, YouTube video, or blog site.

The automate Python script can help one gain more views or visitors to their website, YouTube, social media content etc.

Here is the code with less that 15 lines of code that can automate the process.

# Video tutorial on how to automate web browser opening and visiting using python script
# You can use this to open web browsers, social media posts, youtube page/video, or blog site
# to increase visitors and views

import time
import webbrowser

count = 0
urls = ['INSERT_URL_HERE']

while count < 100:
    for url in urls:, new=0)
        count = count + 1


You can have access to the code on GitHub right here.

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