Here are some of the simple steps a user can do to change their browser settings to improve online privacy. The changes would further help the user stay away from targeted advertisements trackers. The best browser to use in the DuckDuckGo App. It is good to note that extensions do not work on Android browser.

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For the Chrome Browser:

  1. Adding Extensions
  • Go to Extensions by clicking the custom control bar on the far right.
  • Type in the name of extension you want to install and click Add to Chrome.
  • Click Add extension from the dialog box that will appear.
  • You can easily uninstall the extension by following the above steps then click on the Remove Button.

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2. Blocking Third-Party Cookies

  • Go to the three dot menu and click on Settings option.
  • Select Privacy and Security option.
  • Then click on Cookies and other site data.
  • Here you can select the option Block third-party cookies.

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Examples of Online Privacy Extensions for Chrome Browser:

Safari Browser Online Privacy Settings:

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The browser comes with an already turned on proprietary Intelligent Tracking Prevention tool to keep the user safe while browsing online. However, Google found a posed risk with the technology. You can read more about that here. With this revelation, Apple announced in June 2020 that the tracking feature will be able to tell the user which ad trackers are running on the website being visited. Apple will provide the user with a report of the ad trackers websites and its origin. Check here how Apple tells user’s who’s tracking them.

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Meanwhile, here is how you as the user can protect your privacy online while using the Safari browser:

  • Check if the blocking is on or off by opening the safari browser then click on Preferences option.
  • Then click Privacy, if the Prevent cross-site tracking box is checked, it means the blocking option is on.
  • You can also delete the cookies manually by clicking Manage Website Data option.
  • The option will allow you to see which sites have left their trackers and cookies on your browser.
  • Click Remove option to remove/delete the trackers or Remove All option.
  • You can also block the cookies from third-party by checking the Block All Cookies option.

Examples of Online Privacy Extensions for Safari Browser:

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