We all use browsers everyday to browse online. Some browsers like Chrome have set up privacy settings to help one protect their privacy against any form of online insecurities and attacks. However, most of the browsers have not gone to the final milestone of ensuring all the protection for your privacy. That is why it is very critical for one to add additional protection to the type of browsers one uses to ensure utmost privacy and protection from inline attacks.

In order to improve your browsing privacy:

  • Ensure you disable your browser’s location tracking system
  • Disable the search engine autocomplete feature
  • Turn off the password autofill
  • Perform regular deletion of your browsing history
  • Install VPN(Virtual Private Networks) software that functions with at least all the browsers

In order to do the above steps, you can check the guide in this link on Steps on How to Protect User Privacy Online.

It is very easy for one to build a user profile based one one’s browsing patterns and history. Majority of online business use these data and user profile patterns to improve their targeted advertisement strategies. While this could be used for better marketing and advertisement by companies, there are also risks of data leakage that could lead to privacy insecurities and online cyber attacks.

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While Google is pushing for a more interactive web, Apple on the other hand, wants to stick with its native web apps. Reason being that the native apps’ security features were well established before hand and shifting to a more interactive web could lead to compromising the security of the user while browsing online.

Google browser, Chrome has been working on building a privacy sandbox, while still relying on ad revenues generated from the interactive web browser that tend to collect and profile users data.

Recommended Browsers to Use

New companies like Brave is coming up with a goal of prioritizing user privacy. Other browsers that are focused on ensuring browsing privacy are the Mozilla, DuckDuckGo, and Microsoft’s own Bing. To learn more about Brave browser, check out on Brave, Changing the Internet Browsing Game.

Brave functions three times faster than Chrome and focus on providing private browsing feature that is secure while preventing online surveillance. Having a browser that is private without ads means the browser will be more faster.

Brave browser

The privacy mode provided my Brave is different from the incognito browsing option one gets when browsing using other browsers like Chrome. Chrome incognito mode works by hiding user’s browsing history from other user who might want to use your browser. It does not mask what you click on or browse online. The browser company can easily access and see your browsing activities.

With Brave, it uses Tor to mask the user’s location, the sites you visit online, encrypted connections, and routing the user’s browsing to several servers before reaching its final destination. Thus, making it difficult for anyone to track the user and the user’s data profiling.

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