How Brave browser works

Brave browser is a new browser that is faster and more safe to use. It is changing the web browsing game in the following ways:

  1. The browser does not have access to the user’s web activity and data making it more private and safe to use
  2. The browser uses brave shield to prevent ads on your browser.
  3. The browser uses the Tor private mode that mask one’s location of browsing.
  4. Brave browser uses encryption to increase anonymity of the person browsing.
  5. The browser uses IPFS – a peer to peer hypermedia protocol to increase browsing speed, safety, and access to more content.
  6. The Brave browser does this by integrating the IPFS into the Brave browser of the user’s desktop. The IPFS works by resolving the ipfs://URIs via the gateway or by installing a full IPFS node in just one click of a button.
  7. Additionally, the user can earn rewards called, Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) by using the Brave browser just by turning on the Brave Rewards.
  8. One can view the privacy-respected ads to earn tokens that can be used on redeemed contents, gifts cards, and other rewards.
  9. The browser can also be used as an extension of Chrome browser because it was designed using the open-source Chromium code.
Brave browser blocks ads

New companies like Brave are coming up with key objective of prioritizing user privacy. Other browsers that have been focused on ensuring browsing privacy in the past include Mozilla, DuckDuckGo, and Microsoft’s own Bing.

The browser is setting new standards on privacy both on the desktop, Linux, macOS, apple, and android devices.

Brave Browser

How safe is Brave browser? We will have to find out together in the next topic on How the BAT -Brave Attention Tokens works. We will break it down in details the technical aspect of the new browser and compare the pros and cons then make your own conclusion.

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