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  1. Google Research Blog

This blog site contains latests news on Google research. The posts mostly focus on key research areas in the e-commerce, machine learning, data mining, algorithms, HCI, NLP, statistics, computer vision, multimedia, privacy, and security topics. You can find more about the blog site here.

2. Treehouse Blog

The Treehouse blog site focuses on learning content for students who have interests in becoming future coding experts. The blog posts mostly target Computer Science students with contents on high technology with the goal of inspiring the students to learn more about the field.

3. Communications of the ACM

The ACM Communication is an online publication for Computer Science and computer technologies. It acts as a resource centre for high technology experts. The online publication is highly valued for publishing highly and more reliable tech contents.

4. Lambda the Ultimate

The blog site is a community blog site focusing on programming languages contents. The blog site provides a community of Computer Science enthusiasts with forums to share and contribute knowledgeable contents. Here is the link.

5. MIT Technology Review

The MIT Technical Review Blog contains wide variety of Computer Science topics, Scientific contents, latest technology development, and research.. The blog site is managed by the MIT, thus most contents are from experts and professionals studying in the similar fields.

6. The Endeavour by John D. Cook

The blog contains topics in computing, programming, and mathematics. the continent of the blog focus on providing solutions to real world problems. Most of the contents are contributed by professionals in mathematics, programming, statistics, consultants, and managerial roles. The topics are diverted to include technical and socio-technical spectrum. Here is the link.

7. Computational Complexity

This blog site have accurate contents from professionals and experts in the technology fileid. The contents are based on the experts experiences and daily encounters regarding the field of Computation Complexity. The blog post was initially launched by Lance and Bill, professors in Computer Science.

8. Serious Engineering by Anthony Finkelstein

The blog post is managed by Anthony Finkelstein, a Dean of the Engineering Sciences department in UCL. Anthony has professional and academic experience in Computer Science. The posts are mostly thought-provoking and insightful for the readers. You can easily find more content to read on the blog site here. He covers topics form academia, engineering, Computer Science, to research.

9. Alan Winfield’s Web Log

Alan works with the UWE as the Hewlett-Packard Professor of Electronic Engineering. He writes blog post about robots, artificial intelligence, biology, artificial culture, ethics with deep interests in the engineering and the experimental philosophy. You can read more here.

10. Tech Authority Blog

The blog site focus on Computer Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, robotics, aviation, and online resources and opportunities in the technology field and the fields above.

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