In general, the pre-trained models in OpenVINO are models where training has already occurred, and often have higher, or even cutting-edge accuracy. By using the pre-trained models, one gets to avoid the need for large-scale data collection and long, costly training.

The models further provides knowledge of how to pre-process the inputs and handle the outputs of the network, where you can easily plug these directly into your own application.

In OpenVINO, the Pre-Trained Models includes the Model Zoo, where the Free Model Set contains pre-trained models already converted using the Model Optimizer.

The advantage with the Pr-Trained Models is that one can easily use them directly with the Inference Engine.

Majority of the Pre-Trained Models are either:

  • The human detection
  • The vehicle detection
  • The text detection
  • Age detection
  • Gender detection
  • Emotion recognition
  • Or the face detection.

These Pre-Trained Models mostly use the SSD and the MobileNet architectures.

It is however important to note that one can get other Pre-Trained Models from other sources and still use them in the OpenVINO Toolkit too :).

This link shows more case studies on how the OpenVINO Toolkit has been used.


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