The Intel® Distribution OpenVINO™ Toolkit comes from the term Open Visual Inferencing and Neural Network Optimization. Developed by Intel, the toolkit is an open source that helps in optimizing the neural network inferencing across a variety of the Intel® hardware devices like the CPUs, Neural Compute Stick, and the GPUs with a common API. It further helps with fast inference development at the Edge.

The Toolkit can take the models that are built with multiple different frameworks for example TensorFlow, Caffe, and Model Optimizer to help optimize for inference. The optimized model can further be used with the inference Engine to help speed up the inference on the hardware device. Additionally, the Toolkit has a wide variety of Pre-Trained Models that are already available and have been put through the Model Optimizer.

Optimizing the model speed and size helps improve the running of the Edge. Although, the inference accuracy does not increase. The smaller and quicker models the Toolkit gets to generate along with the hardware optimizations, the greater the lower resources applications being used.

Therefore, we can say that the Intel® Distribution OpenVINO™ Toolkit is an open source library useful for Edge deployment because of its performance maximizations and the pre-trained models.

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