1. What is the minimum number of queues that are needed to implement a priority queue?

The minimum number of the queues needed is two. The queue is meant to sort based on priorities and the other queue is meant for the storage of the data.

2. What are the different sorting algorithms available and which one is the fastest?

  • Merge sort
  • Quicksort
  • Bubble sort
  • Radix sort
  • Balloon sort

None of the above sorting algorithm type is the fastest, each algorithms is defined for a specific purpose. The type of sorting algorithm used is based on the type of the data structure.

3. What is dequeuing?

A double ended queue in a data structure, therefore, one can insert or delete a data from both sides.

4. Explain the process of how a selection sort works?

Selection sort process is considered to be simple sorting algorithm compared to others. It picks up the smallest number from the data set list and then places it at the beginning of the list. The process continues and places the second smallest number at the second position. The process continues all the way until the list is completed.

5. What is a graph?

A type of data structure with a set of ordered pairs. The graph is used to connect different nodes where the data can be accessed and stored by the user.

6. Which data structures are applied when the dealing with a recursive function?

Recursion is a function that calls itself based on a terminating condition. It makes use of the stack and uses LIFO concept to perform a recursive function and return the address so that it knows how to return the the calling of the function after the call terminates.

7. What is ordered list?

An ordered list has each node position in the list determined by the value of its key components so that the key values forms an increasing sequence while traversing the list.

8. What is merge sort?

Merge sort is a divide and conquer approach for data sorting. The adjacent data in a sequence of data are merged and sorted to create a bigger sorted list. The sorted list are then merged again to form a bigger sorted list that continues until one obtains a single sorted list.

9. What is the differences between a NULL and VOID?

NULL is a value and VOID is a data type identifier. A NULL value indicates an empty value while a VOID is used to identify a pointers as having no initial size.

10. What is the primary advantage of a linked list?

A linked list is an ideal data structure that can easily be modified and edited regardless of how many elements are in the list.

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