1. What is FIFO?

FIFO stands for First in First out. The data inserted first in the queue will be retrieved or accessed first.

2. What is merge sort and how is it usefuls?

Merge sort is the process of dividing and working data. The adjacent elements are merged and sorted to create the bigger elements. The sorted elements are gathered again and used to make bigger list. The process is continuous and repetitive until a single sorted list is achieved.

3. Name all the advantages of a linked list?

The data structure can easily be modified and it does not matter how many elements are available on the linked list.

4. What is the MAIN difference between PUSH and POP?

PUSH and POP is used in how data is stored and retrieved. PUSH is adding od data on to the stack and POP is retrieving of the data from the stack.

5. How does a variable declared activity consume or affect the memory allocation?

A variable is declared as an integer type then as a 32 bits of memory storage before allocating the data type to a variable.

6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of heap compared to a stack?

Advantages of heap over stack:

  • Heap is more flexible when compared to stack
  • The memory space of heap is allocated and de-located as per the need.

Disadvantages of heap over stack:

  • The heap memory is slower compared to the stack memory.

7. How can one insert a new data in a tree?

Checking whether the data is unique or not, if it exists already in the binary tree or not. Then check if the tree is empty, if it is then insert a new item on the root. If the key is smaller to the root’s key then insert the data to the root’s left subtree or otherwise insert it into the right side.

8. What is the minimum number of the nodes that a binary tree can have?

A binary tree can only have a minimum of zero nodes and just have either one or two nodes.

9. Explain what a dynamic data structure is?

Dynamic data structure is a data structure that is flexible in nature. The data structure can be easily expanded and contracted to help user in manipulating the data.

10. What is an array?

An array is how data is stored based on their index and the number correlates to the element number in the data sequence. An array is considered as a variable that have a certain number of indexed elements.

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