Facebook is planning to make new changes on the Facebook posts and like count. The new system changes will be starting in Australia to test a new method that gets to hide the counts of likes and other kinds of engagement on facebook posts.

Facebook users will be able to like and react to posts, however, the counts of the likes will only be made visible to the person who created the original post.

According to a Facebook spokesperson, Facebook will be running a limited test where all the post’s likes, view counts, and reactions will be made private across the platform but only visible to the original owner of the post.

The test will be useful in gathering feedback to better understand whether these changes will help improve the experiences of Facebook users. The test will be important for many creators and improve value communication by brands.

The changes comes after Instagram made similar changes in Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Canada, Ireland, Brazil, and Japan. The test was to help content creators have the followers be interested and focused on the videos and photos shares and not just the likes the posts gets.

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