Veriff is a fast-growing Estonian startup that has partnered with Blockchain to provide identity verification solution to small businesses.

Veriff is an online-based ID verification startup that helps verify identities of individuals ranging from Berlin public transportation passengers to the Blockchain users.

Veriff uses AI to prevent identity fraud by employing machine learning to analyze thousands of technological and behavioral variables. The application verifies people from more than 190 countries in seconds. Veriff gets to charge Blockchain per verification. The app can verify over 3,000 different document types from over 190 countries.

One of the transportation company called BVG is using Veriff to verify people’s identities using the mobility app called Jelbi. The app is used in Berlin by public transportation system, bikes, ride-hailing, scooters, car-sharing, and traditional taxis.

When a passenger wants to use Jelbi, Veriff asks for the passenger’s identity verification and the driver’s license validation before using the public transportation services.

The verification process is built in Blockchain. The user is first required to take a selfie, ID photo, and other information. Once the user submits all the information, Veriff, then records a video of the verification process. Veriff then matches the face and check the validity of the documents and analyze the network and the device data of the user for verification process.

Next, Veriff crosslinks all the datapoint to ensure the information matches the user. The crosslink process also gete to verify if the user has ever been involved in any fraudulent activity. The app crosslinks user’s network metadata and fingerprinting of the user’s device.

Currently, Veriff is shifting its services to mobility, fintech, cryptocurrencies, and marketplaces in small and medium-sized businesses. To reach out to more clients, Veriff has launched a beta version of Veriff Station to recruit 500 clients, which will receive 500 free verification for three months.

Veriff believe that it is on track to issue passports by 2025 instead of the government.

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