The pay rates for data science jobs and the trends in the programming languages Python and R is constantly on the rise. The demand for the data science career experts has been on the rise in the past years with companies understanding the value of data analytics.

Based on the Harnham, a tech recruitment company, a data scientist entry level earns approximately $ 56,117.07, while a senior data scientist earns on average $ 174,586.44 in London. It take about 10 to 15 years to reach the senior level. Machine learning experts earn approximately the same as the data scientists.

Entry-level DevOps earn approximately $ 42,399.56 and $ 132,186.88 for senior level in London. For big data engineers, the senior role earns aout $ 155,880.75, technical lead earns $ 123,457.55 while the entry-level starts at $ 52,375.93.

Technical skills in deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, python, R, SQL, Tableau, GCP, Spark, and AWS has been on high demand.

Harnham is a data and analytics recruitment company that focus on Data Analytics jobs that includes Data Science, Risk Analytics, Data and Technology, Marketing and Insights, and Digital Analytics. You can find advertised Data Analytics jobs here.

Therefore, with the skills in the areas above, you will be competitive in the job market for a role in the Data Analytics field.

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